A good bright day on the Angus coast — perfect for getting out into the fields and lifting the tattie crop.

Last September, we had some photos taken on the farm to capture the harvest of the main tattie crop on Upper Dysart Farm — you'll find quite a few of them dotted around the website, as it was a lovely day for it and we were looking our best.

As with everything on the farm, it's a family affair — and we had multiple generations of the family on hand to oversee proceedings.

We're so fortunate to live and work here on the beautiful east coast of Scotland — enjoying days like this with loved ones and valued colleagues.

Take a wee look below for a few of our favourite shots — and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news, behind-the-scenes and snaps and updates from Upper Dysart Larder.

Upper Dysart Photography 3
Upper Dysart Photography 7
Upper Dysart Photography 34
Upper Dysart Photography 21
Upper Dysart Photography 58
Upper Dysart Photography 77

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